Sarde a beccafico – Sardine rolls


sarde-a-beccaficoThe Chef Max Mangano reveals us the recipes of the traditional cuisine in “Palermo style”.

Carefully clean the sardines and remove the head. Place them on a dishcloth or kitchen paper to dry out. In a frying pan sautèe the white onion, add some water and let it cook for a while, then add some breadcrumb flavoring with saffron, salt, pepper and sugar. In the end also pour some vinegar which will bring out the smell of golden brown breadcrumb.

Mix also pine nuts and raisins previously soaked in warm water and drained, add parsley and grate some orange and lemon zest, also squeezing in some lemon juice.

Roll carefully the sardines with the mix of breadcrumb and place them in an oiled baking tin. The pecularity of this dish is that the tail of the sardines has to remain on top.

Alternate the sardine rolls with leaves of bay and slices of oranges. Pour a drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle with sugar. Cooking time is about 6-7 minutes in the oven at a temperature of 140°-160° degrees.

The sardines “a beccafico” can be eaten either hot or warm, as a starter or a second dish. In the picture they are served with a sweet and sour pumpkin soup and decorated with a thin veil of rice starch pastry.

Sarde fresche n° 12
Cipolla bianca tritata gr.   50
Olio d’oliva extra vergine gr.   50
Pan grattato gr. 200
Aceto di vino bianco gr.   30
Limone e arance n°   1
Zucchero gr.   50

Max Mangano – Chef


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