Home interviste Pasta al “Nero di seppia”. Cuttlefish Ink spaghetti. The recipe.

Pasta al “Nero di seppia”. Cuttlefish Ink spaghetti. The recipe.

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nero-di-seppiaThis is a “first dish”  of our good southern tradition proposed by Chef Max Mangano: spaghetti with cuttlefish ink.

Cuttlefish ink for 4 portions:
Fresh cuttlefish g 500
Chopped white onion g 50
2 cloves of fresh garlic g 5
Extra virgin olive oil g 60
White wine g 70
Tomato puree g 30
Red pepper in seeds g 10
Fresh parsley to taste (q.s.)
Spaghetti o Spaghettoni g 350

pastaneroseppia1Clean delicately the cuttlefish and take out the ink bag inside being very careful not to break it. Once is out put the ink aside. Cut the cuttlefish in regular cubes, chop the onion thinly, peel the garlic and leave it in one piece. Chop also the parsley previuosly washed under running water. In a pan, pour some olive oil and sautee the onion, then add the cuttlefish and some white wine. Keep on cooking for about 2-3 minutes, afterwards add the tomato puree and the ink we had put aside. Pour two glasses of hot water and leave to cook for 15-20 more minutes at a low heat. When the sauce is ready adjust with salt, red pepper and chopped parsley. Mix the sauce with the spaghetti cooked “al dente”, guarnish with some parsley leaves on top and dress with a bit of olive oil.
Today this recipe is suggested with shrimps, urchins, prawns, or artichokes that make more extravagant and innovative one of the most important dish of Sicilian Cuisine, which is little elegant in its aspect as much as noble and refined in its taste.

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